The city's Redevelopment Agency has voted to approve the site plan for another commercial shopping area on 1300 South - but not without some discussion.

The plan passed on a 5-2 vote; Councilmen Kelvin C. Clayton and H. Keith Hunt said they wanted to physically go out and look at the situation one more time."Do we just represent the developers?" Hunt asked. "Or do we represent the citizens, too?" Hunt said there had been too many small alterations to the site plan since it was proposed and the council was not fully considering the concerns that had been expressed by various citizen groups.

Other council members said the developers had responded adequately to concerns, primarily regarding truck traffic.

Councilman Norman K. Woodhouse said, "I think every question has been answered."

The new shopping area is called University Square and is next to the new R.C. Willey furniture store. Toys "R" Us is one of the retail stores that is planning to locate there.

Other sections of the plan include widening the entrance to 200 East from 1300 South and a reworking of the city's retention pond that is on the property.