Former presidential candidate Stanislaw Tyminski left Poland Wednesday bound for Canada after posting $100,000 bail to ensure his return following charges he slandered Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki.

Tyminski, a businessman with Canadian and Peruvian passports who returned to Poland to run for president, was summoned to the prosecutor's office in the capital Tuesday.After a four-hour hearing, he told reporters the prosecutor allowed him to go ahead with plans to fly to Toronto Wednesday.

"I paid $100,000 and three people guaranteed my return by Jan. 5," he said. Tyminski said his return was guaranteed by two senators and Andrzej Zoll, chairman of the election commission.

Tyminski said he received a prosecutor's summons to report to the court of Nowy Sacz, in southern Poland on Dec. 17, hours after he booked plane tickets to fly to Toronto.

On Nov. 17, in the southern mountain resort of Zakopane near Nowy Sacz, he accused Mazowiecki of "betrayal of the nation" on grounds Mazowiecki's economic program resulted in a 40 percent drop in the standard of living in the past 14 months.

Following his hearing, he said he did not retract his accusation and was ready to stand trial on his return.

Tyminski outpolled Mazowiecki in the six-way race in the first round of the presidential elections Nov. 25, but lost to Solidarity leader Lech Walesa in the runoff.