Men often complain they get no respect when it comes to fashion information.

So today, here are a few pieces of advice about the wearing of a tuxedo. And just in time, too, as the party season gets under way.Following are some guidelines that can make a man look even better when he is ready to party formally:

- The cummerbund is worn with the pleats facing up, suggests Raffinati, a formalwear company. (It's a handy spot for theater tickets.)

- The wing collar is elegant and is typically worn behind the bow tie, not in front.

- A pleated white dress shirt is the classic choice. Avoid the dated look of ruffled or pastel shirts.

- About 1/4 inch of the shirt sleeve should show.

- Accessories are your chance to stand out. Bold colors or traditional paisley are current in bow tie and cummerbund combinations.

- Black patent pumps or oxfords are the only appropriate shoes for a formal affair, although men sometimes make do with black leather shoes shined to a high gloss. Black silk hosiery is the best bet, except with a white tuxedo.

- Less is more when it comes to jewelry. Mother-of-pearl or gold studs look rich and refined.

- If you need an overcoat, there is nothing like black to put a finishing look to the outfit.

Raffinati already is looking ahead to spring. The company president, Bob Bennett, says the wider shoulder and lapel, originating in Europe, are catching on.

"There is a feeling for the '50s and the period's classic mood," says Bennett. "The double-breasted shawl collar is one silhouette. Black remains the color of choice if a man is really debonair."

Bennett says tuxedo styling is updated constantly. For spring, one style called Black Opal has shimmering threads of silver woven throughout the trousers and jacket.

The changes are usually subtle. In the end, however, the idea is to allow a man the glamour of Cary Grant, the suave sophistication of Sean Connery and the elegance of Robert Wagner, who, according to Bennett, looks as if he was born in a tuxedo.