Latah County Sheriff Ken Buxton says a summerlong campaign urging citizens to turn in marijuana growers to earn money was a bust. Not a single arrest was made.

Buxton and his counterpart across the Washington State line, Whitman County Sheriff Steve Tomson, spent $1,000 each for commercials urging people to use a telephone hot line to turn in pot growers."We didn't get any calls at all," said Gina Morris, public affairs deputy for Buxton. "We did get plenty of comments" from people not happy about the program, she said.

Buxton said he has received some calls supporting the drive, and the ads have raised awareness and interest about illegal marijuana growing. But he would take "a long, hard look" before buying the ads again.

Tomson reported some success, but no arrests.

Besides developing leads, the ads alerted residents to watch for marijuana growers, Tomson said.