A Utah Valley Community College employee is the first junior college representative to be appointed to the National Information Associates Financial Aid Management Advisory Committee.

Shelley Pollock, assistant director of financial aid, is one of five committee members. She said the members are selected by peer voting across the nation. Other members are from the University of Colorado, the University of California at Santa Cruz, the University of Arizona and Purdue.Each member serves for a three-year term and must attend four meetings a year. Pollock attended her first meeting in Rochester, N.Y., in October.

"We discuss the software (for financial aid), upgrades and how to make the software better," said Pollock. "We also discuss new federal regulations concerning financial aid.

"It is important that colleges and universities have an organized method for managing financial aid. The federal regulations that apply to financial aid eligibility and disbursement often make financial aid management complicated. It is important to simplify the system as much as possible."

"We are pleased that Shelley will be representing UVCC on this committee," said Michael H. Johnson, director of financial aid services. "She has a lot to offer the financial aid departments at other colleges and universities across the country."