The City Council had planned to set a date for a special bond election in March, but the Environmental Protection Agency got in the way.

City Manager Daryl Berlin said the city discovered on Tuesday that the EPA has set new standards for storm drains, one of the projects scheduled for the bond election."We need some time to review the issues," Berlin said. If the new regulations increase the cost of the proposed North Storm Drain Project, it would be better to wait on the bond issue.

Decisions on the storm-drain project and the Lake Park Sports Facility already have been postponed once, in August, when the council decided to wait until after the November elections to deal with the projects.

Councilman James T. Evans expressed concern that if the council tabled a decision on the bond election it might wait for a long time before acting on the issues.

Berlin assured the council the city's staff would attempt to study the situation by just after the first of the year.

"The council could also decide to have a bond election on just the sports facility," he said.