Adversity was no stranger in the life of Stella H. Oaks.

But Stella Oaks is remembered as a person who triumphed over her own troubles to be a leader in her community.Stella Oaks was widowed when her oldest son, Dallin, was 7 years old. Her son Merrill was 4 and her daughter Evelyn was a year old. Dallin H. grew up to be the eighth president of Brigham Young University and an apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Academy Square Foundation has received $1,000 in memory of Stella Oaks. The money will go toward the cost of refurbishing a room at Academy Square to bear her name. The name of the giver is withheld at the giver's request.

Foundation volunteer Maurine Brimhall said it costs $10,000 to finish a small room. "Other people who knew Stella Oaks are invited to contribute to the fund for the room," said Brimhall.

Stella Oaks moved her family to Provo in 1948, where she administered adult education and public relations for the Provo School District until she retired.

"She was a mover and a pusher in community affairs," said Merrill Oaks.

She served two terms on the Provo City Council and one term as assistant mayor.

Merrill Oaks said his mother was the prime mover behind a mental health facility for children, the Child Guidance Clinic. Stella Oaks also served on the General Board for the MIA.

Brimhall said any group or individual can get a room refurbished at Academy Square for the name of their choice. All donations are tax-deductible.