John Gotti, reputed chief of America's most powerful Mafia family, was arrested Tuesday and is expected to be charged with murdering the man who preceded him as "boss of all bosses," police sources said.

Gotti, 50, and three lieutenants in his Gambino crime family, who also were arrested, were expected to be charged in the 1985 gangland-style execution of Paul "Big Paulie" Castellano and another man in front of a posh New York steakhouse, the sources said. They were to be arraigned Wednesday.The indictment naming the four, which remained sealed Tuesday, is also expected to include charges involving two other killings, as well as racketeering, extortion and loansharking, the sources said.

Gotti was arrested at the Ravenite social club that is his headquarters in Manhattan's Little Italy neighborhood.

The beefy, grade-school dropout strolled smirking with his hands manacled behind his back from the Federal Building in Manhattan to a waiting unmarked car.

As he stepped into the car, a reporter asked Gotti his odds of beating the case. He replied, "No problem."