Age: 55Where born: Salt Lake City, UT

Family: wife, Rosanne Tueller; eight children: Kristen (husband John), James, Inger, Joseph, Megan, Melinda, Norman and Jonathan

Education: B.S. economics, Brigham Young University, 1963; post-graduate work in public administration at BYU

Primary products: Cultural and entertainment arts

Primary market: Utah Valley

Number of employees: three full time; 200 volunteers

Annual sales: $500,000


First "real" job: working on labor gang at Geneva Steel, age 17

Management style: Plan ahead, stay out of the way

Strategy for success: Find the positive, meaningful purpose in what you do

A memorable failure: Losing the bid for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

Heroes: My family, Janie Thompson, D. Arthur Haycock, Jerry Elison and the volunteers at the SCERA

Leisure time and hobbies: Family togetherness - projects, travel and play

Favorite book and movie: anything written by Victor Hugo; Walt Disney's "The Little Mermaid" (this happens to be the biggest moneymaker the SCERA has ever had)