Ruediger Lehnardt, Orem, a German and math instructor at Utah Valley Community College, has been named 1990 Teacher of the Year by the Utah Foreign Language Association and the Utah Association of Teachers of German.

"I don't consider myself the best German teacher in Utah, but . . . I have a love for my mother tongue and enjoy teaching others so they can communicate with me and others in German," Lehnardt said.There are many opportunities for people who speak a second language. UVCC's program is a stepping stone to such opportunities, he said.

The teacher said the college's German program helps enrich the lives of students who are "reaching out, learning a new culture and language." Lehnardt said his goal is to help students feel confident with the German language and culture. Such knowledge, he said, will open new horizons, helping students feel they can make a worthwhile contribution.

Elaine Englehardt, UVCC associate dean of general studies, commended Lehnardt for "outstanding dedication in developing the German program." She said, "He truly cares about his students and wants them to understand and respect the German customs."

UVCC has an exchange program with Germany in which students may work and attend school in Germany, giving them a first-hand opportunity to learn the language and culture.