The National Park Service has approved 20-year contracts allowing Del Webb Recreational Properties Inc. to continue operating three Utah marinas on Lake Powell and sent the package to Congress.

"It has to be before Congress for 60s days, to give them a chance to review the concession contracts," John Spurgin, Park Service spokesman, said Wednesday.Most such contracts never come up for congressional hearings, Spurgin said, but Congress has 60 days to review the agreements. If no action is taken or Congress agrees with the contracts, they will go into force, he said.

Del Webb holds the concession contracts for the Bullfrog Basin, Halls Crossing and Hite marinas. And the Phoenix-based company was the only bidder when the contracts to provide lodging and food services, boat rental and marina services came up for renewal, Spur-gin said.

The contracts call for Del Webb to pay the Park Service 2 percent of its gross yearly revenues from business operations at the marinas. They are expected to produce about $400,000 annually for the federal agency.

The only problem in negotiations between Del Webb and the Park Service was the company's recently announced plans to sell off its recreational properties nationwide, including the three Utah marinas.

A buyer also would obtain the concession contracts, Spurgin said. The Park Service then would probably have to spend more time making sure the new concessionaire fulfilled the terms of the agreements.