In its meeting Tuesday night, the City Council is planning to set the date for a special election to see if voters want to bond for the completion of two projects.

The election, which is tentatively scheduled for March 5, could determine if the city will finish the Lake Park Sports Facility and the North Storm Drain Project.Both projects were placed before the council in August, but decisions concerning them were postponed. The Council will also vote on the amount of funding for the election.

In other business, the Council will vote to annex the Blake property at approximately 1100 S. and 2000 West.

Then, as the Redevelopment Agency, members of the Council will discuss site plan approval for a shopping area on 1300 South between 200 East and Main Street, next to R.C. Willey.

The meeting, which usually begins at 6 p.m., will begin at 5 p.m. this week to facilitate other council activities.