Two teams both wear silver as a prominent part of their uniforms, and one hasn't been to the playoffs since 1985 and the other since 1983, but the Los Angeles Raiders get treated like royalty and the Detroit Lions get treated like dirt, in Detroit quarterback Bob Gagliano's opinion.

"Yet the Raiders have always been looked on as winners, quality football teams," Gagliano told Associated Press. "The Lions don't always get the same kind of treatment."It's just a difference in the way teams are perceived.

Gagliano points to an example in last week's game against the Chicago Bears. He ran left on a quarterback keeper and, with Bear tacklers looming, went into the quarterback's feet-first safety slide. Bear linebacker Mike Singletary smashed into him, but no penalty was called.

But when Bear QB Jim Harbaugh was running the sidelines later in the game, Lion linebacker Chris Spielman made a lunge at him from behind, getting a hand on Harbaugh. Harbaugh took a few steps out of bounds, slipped and fell. Spielman got the flag, the Bears tied the game and won in overtime.

"Maybe you have to hurt more for a while," Gagliano said. "You just don't have respect when you're in our situation. I don't think the refs try to favor one team or anything, but it does seem to happen."

New York Giants' Coach Bill Parcells, hospitalized Saturday night for kidney stones, went directly from Sunday's game with the Minnesota Vikings back to the hospital for further treatment. But Giant personnel said Parcells, who was apparently in some pain on the sidelines, was the same coach he always is.

"He was yelling just like always," Giants offensive coordinator Ron Erhardt said after spending Sunday afternoon talking to Parcells over the headphones. "He didn't let up."

Center Bart Oates of BYU, the remaining lineman from the Giants' 1986 Super Bowl team, told Associated Press he did not know of the problem until after the game.

Philadelphia placekicker Roger Ruzek of Weber State had the longest field goal in the NFL Sunday, 53 yards, his best of the season, and made two field goals and two extra points. But he missed a 39-yarder early that could have helped the Eagles, who lost 23-20 in overtime at Miami Sunday. "I caught way behind the ball on the grass first," Ruzek said. "I just never got it."

So what else is new?

The Phoenix Cardinals have waived rookie nose tackle Craig Patterson and planned to put him back on their practice squad.

Patterson, a 6-foot-5, 310-poind free agent from BYU, was originally signed for the five-man practice squad Oct. 1. He was activated Oct. 24, waived Nov. 3, re-signed for the practice squad Nov. 6 and reactivated Nov. 20.

The latest move was made to activate Dexter Manley.

San Francisco's Darryl Pollard (Weber State) and Denver's Greg Kragen (Utah State) were the top local tacklers for Sunday with six unassisted each.

BYU's Warren Wheat was reactivated two weeks ago after spending the season on injured reserve. He moved right into the backup spot at two positions on the Seattle Seahawks' offensive line. He's listed as No. 2 at both left guard behind Darrick Brilz and right guard behind Bryan Millard.