US WEST Communications says it is being inundated with calls from customers complaining that their long-distance service is being changed to another carrier without their authorization.

US WEST spokeswoman Laura Scholl said most of the calls to US WEST involve a firm called Cyberlink.US WEST customers receiving a change notification letter from Cyberlink are advised to call the number on the Cyberlink letter to discuss concerns about the letter. If concerns remain unresolved, customers should call US WEST's customer service office.

Scholl said US WEST customers can complete a carrier restriction authorization form available through US WEST's business office. Once a customer returns the form to US WEST, no changes can be made in their long-distance carrier without their written permission.

Customers calling US WEST for assistance will have their past service tracked for any changes in long-distance carrier. If a change does occur, customers can have US WEST change their carrier back.

A $5-per-line service charge is levied when a carrier change occurs. US WEST will charge the customer the fee if the new company can produce a verifiable letter or authorization signed by the customer. An additional $5 will be assessed if the customer requests a return to the original carrier.

If the company cannot produce a verifiable letter, the two $5 fees will be assessed to the company that ordered the change.