Utah State Prison inmate Curtis L. Laughter has filed a suit in 3rd District Court against prison officials, charging they wrongfully deprived him of personal property - a motorcycle he says he built himself.

During his stay at the prison, Laughter bought items from the "inmate store" to build a "Harley Davidson-type hobbycrafted motorcycle," the suit said.He built the motorcycle in his cell over a period of several months. After it was completed, the prison's property officers took control of it, the suit said. Laughter wants the motorcycle turned over to his relatives, but prison officials refuse to do so, he said in his suit.

Laughter filed an inmate grievance over the confiscation. "The grievance was a futile gesture," his suit said. In October, the prison sent him a confiscation slip saying the motorcycle did not belong to him.

Laughter's suit was accompanied by affidavits from fellow prisoners who said they watched Laughter buy the parts and build the motorcycle.