A Florida man trapped in Kuwait by Iraqi invaders hid for 23 days with his dog in a tiny crawl space, eating only uncooked spaghetti. A New Mexico man defended his hide-out with a machete, killing an intruder.

Tom Kreuzman of Holiday, Fla., hid with his Yorkshire terrier, Chu Chu, in an apartment air-conditioning duct about 8 feet long and 3 feet wide for more than three weeks before Kuwaiti friends moved him to a safe house.Kreuzman's homecoming was tempered by sadness for the dog that didn't make the flight home.

"It's a tragedy," he said. "She went through a lot with me over there."

He had crated his pet and put her on the plane in Kuwait. "At Baghdad I wanted to go down to cargo and give her some water but was told no," said Kreuzman, 38. "We got to Frankfurt, the box was smashed and no dog was in sight."

Master and dog descended from the crawl space for only about five minutes a day. Kreuzman never cooked, fearing the smell might alert occupying troops. He said the dog never barked.

Donald Latham, 50, of Albuquerque returned home with his stepfather, Eugene Hughes, 69, after a harrowing stay in Kuwait marked by the slaying of a burglar.

"We had a Palestinian break into our house, and I killed him with a machete," Latham said.

He said marauding Iraqi troops had entered the apartment earlier but did not find the men. "They stole our television, the blender, one watermelon and about half our food," he said.