A contract for construction of two exhibit buildings on the Davis County fairgrounds in west Farmington was approved Monday by the county commissioners.

The contract was awarded to what at first appeared to be the second-lowest bidder.County planning staff member Bary Burton said 11 construction firms submitted bids, which were opened last week. The apparent low bid submitted was $258,000.

But on further analysis, Burton said some mathematical errors were discovered in the bid worksheets that would have lowered the bid to $251,000. The firm that submitted the bid declined to go with the $251,000 figure and withdrew, Burton said.

The next lowest bid was for $259,190, and that one stood up under scrutiny, Burton said, recommending the county award the contract to R&O Construction Co. The commissioners agreed, approving it unanimously.

The county estimated the construction cost of the two exhibition buildings, including restrooms, office space, and concession facilities, at $250,000. Bids ranged from the $259,000 approved by the county up to more than $300,000.

The buildings should be completed in time to allow the county to hold its annual fair the first week in August.