Hungary wants to build Eastern Europe's first Disneyland, a further sign of the reform-minded communist country's desire to embrace the spirit of free market economics.

Prime Minister Karoly Grosz visited the original Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., during his 10-day visit to the United States last month.He returned home enthusisastic about what he saw, telling a radio interviewer last week that a Disneyland vice president would visit Hungary in September to discuss building a new outpost of capitalism's most famous amusement park.

The first Disneyland outside the United States opened in Tokyo in 1983 and draws 10 million visitors a year. Another is due to open outside Paris in 1992.

Hungary leads the Soviet bloc in introducing economic and political reforms. It was the first Eastern European country to open a McDonald's fast food restaurant, which began operation in Budapest in April.

Grosz, a promoter of major changes since becoming premier 14 months ago, has pledged to ease control over the economy and open Hungary to foreign capital.

He told the Hungarian interviewer he wanted the park to begin operation before the start of a proposed world fair to be staged jointly by Vienna and Budapest in 1995.

After the world fair concluded, its exhibition areas could be further developed by Disneyland, Grosz said. A decision will be made next February on whether the fair will go ahead.