Age: 58

Born: Salt Lake City

Family: wife, Lois; children, Lori, Randy, Brad, Mike, Roger.

Education: some classes at University of Utah and Brigham Young University.

Occupation: Retired. Former owner of Bailey's Moving and Storage.


Size: 12 square miles.

Budget: General fund, $9 million. Total $23 million.

Number of employees: 167.

Mayor's salary: $12,000 (or $1.16 per hour, the mayor says.)


Politics: Republican.

First "real" job: With the Bank of America. Also served in Navy during Korean War.

Management style: People function better if they know what you expect of them and then you allow them to do it their way. Measure success by the bottom line. I am extremely results-oriented.

Why I like being mayor: Interacting with people and seeing if I can really make a difference in solving problems that face local government.

What I don't like about being mayor: Knowing that on a given issue half the citizens are against it and half are for it. You find yourself frequently in a no-win situation.

Recipe for success: Commitment, dedication and pure motives. And, you have to respect another person's right to a differing opinion.

A memorable failure: Nothing that's really decimated me . . . Gosh, it's terrible to be so positive, isn't it?

Heroes: I've got so many, it would be impossible to single one out - certainly my mom is at the top of the list.

Leisure: Travel and learn of other customs and cultures. Lois and I were in China during the historic student demonstrations.

Favorite movie: "the Sound of Music," not only for the music but because of the uncompromising morals of Col. Von Trapp.