On a hill overlooking Utah Lake, a residence for the president of Utah Valley Community College is under construction.

Situated on the highest ground at UVCC, the residence will preside over campus as its occupant will preside over the college.The 5,000-square-foot structure will cost $300,000. It is funded by the sale of the Provo home purchased by UVCC as the residence for J. Marvin Higbee when he was president of the college. UVCC sold the house in 1989.

"The house is being built from the amount of money we have, and it is a nice house," said Gil Cook, vice president for college relations. Three thousand square feet of the home will be used for college functions, with 2,000 square feet reserved for living space.

"The purposes of the institutional residence are to host college functions such as fund raising, receptions and faculty recruiting as well as serve as the permanent residence of the president.

"This residence has been tastefully designed to complement our campus and serve the needs of the college and its presidents for many years to come," Cook said.

The State Board of Regents approved institutional residences at UVCC and Weber State College during its October meeting. The Regents' policy requires that college presidents live in a college-owned home.

Completion is expected by April.