The 19th game of the world chess championship, scheduled for Monday, was postponed at the request of Anatoly Karpov, who has fallen behind in the series.

Following Karpov's loss Sunday to reigning champion Garry Kasparov, the score stands at 9.5 for Kasparov and 8.5 for Karpov with a maximum of six games left to play.The first player to gain 12.5 points (victories count for a point, ties for a half-point) wins the championship and $1.7 million of a $3 million purse. In the event of a tie, Kasparov retains his title.

Experts said that Kasparov, playing white, held the advantage when the 18th game was adjourned Saturday night after the maximum five hours of play. He made 17 more moves Sunday to win.

Following are the concluding moves Sunday in the the 18th game:

Kasparov: Kh2, Qd4, Ra7, Rb1, Nd5, P b4, e4, f4, g2, h3.

Karpov: Kh7, Qe8, Rb8, Re6, Bd7, P d6, f7, g7, h6.

Sunday's moves (white opening move sealed Sunday night):

Kasparov Karpov

White Black

41. Re1 Bc6

42. Qd3 Qf8

43. Rc1 Bxd5

44. exd5+ Rg6

45. Qf5 Kg8

46. Rac7 Rf6

47. Qd7 Rd8

48. Qxd8 Qxd8

49. Rc8 Qf8

Kasparov Karpov

White Black

50. R1c4 Rf5

51. Rxf8+ Kxf8

52. Rd4 h5

53. b5 Ke7

54. b6 Kd7

55. g4 hxg4

56. hxg4 Rf6

57. Rc4 Resigned