Salina's officials have answered a threat of a $10,000-per-day fine by the Utah Bureau of Air Quality by outlining specifics of what they plan to do to bring the city landfill into compliance.

Following an inspection by a representative of the bureau, the city received a letter threatening penalties if an illegal practice of burning trash and debris was allowed to continue. Officials said trash was apparently set on fire by a user of the facility on the day of the inspection.The bureau also required that the city file compliance specifics within 15 days, outlining what would be done, the date the plan would be completed and the date disposal site procedures would be in compliance.

City officials promised to hold public hearings to explain requirements at the landfill, outline violations and get public input;and reported that signs will be posted to notify the public of proper places and methods to dispose of trash; and promised to increase patrols by city police and maintenance personnel at the site, with citations issued to violators.

The letter also said residents of the neighboring towns of Redmond and Aurora would be discouraged from using the Salina City's landfill; the upper and lower dumps will be covered and compacted more often; hours of use and access to the site may be restricted; and the fire department will extinguish all fires that may inadvertently be started at the landfill.

It also said city officials will continue to investigate the possibility of joining the Sevier County Landfill program. Another alternative being considered is employing a full-time operator at the Salina facility.

City officials promised to make every effort possible to comply with regulations and to avoid further violations. Because of budgetary restrictions, some of the corrective measures may not be taken until the new fiscal year begins July 1, however.