Richard Anderton's family in Utah received an early Christmas present Sunday afternoon - a phone call from him saying the former hostage was safe in Frankfurt, Germany.

Anderton, who lives in the Denver area, was born in Utah and grew up in the Holladay area. He attended Granite High School and graduated from Olympus High, then from the University of Utah. He later attended the California Institute of Technology.Anderton had recently accepted a job in Kuwait when Saddam Hussein's forces captured that country Aug. 2. He and his wife, Bonnie, and daughter, Jennifer, took refuge in the American embassy the next day.

Bonnie and Jennifer managed to leave with a group brought to safety by Jesse Jackson in September. But Richard Anderton remained in the embassy, living on canned tuna fish and rice.

"We're just absolutely delighted," said Rep. Bob Anderton, D-Salt Lake, after hearing the news that his brother was in Frankfurt. "It's just wonderful - an early Christmas pres-ent for us."

He believes his brother will be in a group of former hostages landing at Andrews Air Force Base, near Washington, D.C., later Monday.

"My son called me from Frankfort," said his mother, Carolyn Anderton, a resident of Hurricane, Washington County.

"He said that they had just been there a short time, and that he was tired, had an exhausting day yesterday."

"Apparently the people in the embassy had little contact with anything that went on outside in Kuwait," she said. "He had no news for months. He was absolutely in the dark about what was going on in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or any of that country."