San Diego Padres first baseman Jack Clark says manager Greg Riddoch orchestrated many of the club's recent firings, including the dismissal of Jack McKeon as general manager.

"He's back-stabbing everyone on his way to the top," Clark said. "Who do you think did all of those firings? Who do you think got the coaches fired? Who do you think got McKeon and everyone upstairs fired?"(Club General Manger) Joe McIlvaine, come on, he doesn't even know these people.

"It was out little buddy, Greggy," Clark said in an interview published Sunday in the Los Angeles Times' San Diego County edition.

Riddoch was spending the weekend in Sterling, Colo., and was unavailable for comment.

Clark, one of 16 players who were granted new-look free agency, also accused Riddoch of back-stabbing everyone in his path and of being an incompetent manager.

Clark also promised revenge.

"When he gets off his high horse, and gets fired, there'll be nobody to protect him," he said. "That's when he better start looking over his shoulder where there will be a lot of people looking for him. They want a piece of him.

"You make your bed, you lay in it, and if that's the way you want it, you die in it.

"Payback's a dog."

Clark insisted that his anger toward Riddoch is not because the Padres no longer are interested in signing him. Instead, he said, it's because of the way he believes Riddoch's personality changed once he was promoted from first-base coach to manager at the All-Star break.

"He's a bad, bad man and he's sneaky," Clark said.

"The crazy thing is that I thought he was a good guy, but once he became manager, he turned out to be one of the biggest all-time snakes I've ever seen. He'll stab anyone in the back to get to the top."

"You couldn't believe the stuff I've found out about the last couple of months," Clark said. "I got information from upper-echelon people in the organization, too. These were the people that were sitting in on the meetings, the ones where Riddoch was cutting my head off, along with just about everyone else he could think of.