Palestinian guerrillas fired rockets and mortar shells on positions of Israeli troops and their militia allies in southern Lebanon on Saturday, security sources said.

The Fatah Uprising, a breakaway PLO faction, claimed responsibility for the attacks and said they were launched to mark the third anniversary of the Palestinian revolt in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.The sources said that shortly after midnight a guerrilla unit fired four Katyusha rockets into a post of the South Lebanon Army in the village of Zemraya on the eastern edge of Israel's self-declared security zone in south Lebanon.

Other guerrilla units shelled Israeli and SLA positions in the nearby villages of Ain Qenya and Zoughla with 60mm mortars, they said.

Israeli and SLA artillerymen retaliated by bombing the Mimess area north of the security zone.

The security sources said there was no word on casualties.

But the Damascus-based Fatah Uprising said in a statement that "several enemy soldiers were killed or wounded."

Lebanese and Palestinian guerrillas have recently escalated their hit-and-run attacks on Israeli and SLA positions inside the security zone.

Six Israeli soldiers and at least 10 guerrillas have been killed in the past month.