Finishing a review it started more than a year ago, the Layton City Council has approved a new liquor ordinance that allows beer taverns to open on Sunday.

Fourteen months ago tavern owners asked the council to revise the ordinance, noting that the Super Bowl and New Year's Eve of last year both fell on Sunday.The five beer-tavern owners also said they felt the ordinance forcing them to close on Sundays but allowing private clubs and retail outlets to sell beer was discriminatory.

With the overhaul of the state's liquor statute that went into effect this year, the city decided its own local liquor ordinance needed to be updated.

Steve Garside, the assistant city attorney who rewrote the ordinance, said the new law treats beer bars, private clubs, restaurants and retail outlets, such as grocery and convenience stores, equally.

"We feel the ordinance is now fair to everyone," Garside told the council.

The new ordinance forbids the sale of any alcoholic beverage in the city during the hours that polls are open on election days.

Ed Charter, owner of Why Not? beer bar and one of the tavern owners who spearheaded the change request, said he believes the new ordinance is fair.

"That's what we've been working for. I think some council members realized it wasn't fair to close us down and allow private clubs to serve beer," Charters said.