Navajo women are gathering pinon nuts and collecting red chile powder to be airlifted to members of the tribe stationed in Saudi Arabia, the organizer of the Yuletide effort says.

"Being a Navajo, you have to have pinons," Rachel Misra said Friday.Misra, who initiated the idea of sending Christmas gifts to the estimated 300 Navajos who are serving in the Persian Gulf area, said the women are gathering nuts, traditionally harvested each fall from the cones of the pinon pine tree, as well as crushed red chile powder, lip balm, stationery, foot powder and boot polish.

The presents will be gift-wrapped and airlifted by the National Guard in Gallup, N.M., to the Navajo service personnel, she said.

Misra, a native of India who is project director for the Beautyway Curriculum in the tribe's education department, took part here in a rally to support Navajos serving in the Gulf crisis.