Families who have wished for a list of the valley's most spectacular Christmas decorations need look no further than this year's compilation of entries in the Christmas Outdoor Lighting Contest.

The contest is sponsored annually by the Deseret News, Utah Power & Light and the Illuminating Engineering Society and is open to homes in south Davis through Salt Lake counties. The deadline for entry was Friday at noon.This list is published as a guide for those who enjoy seeing some of the area's most festive Christmas lighting displays.

Judges from the engineering society began judging each entry Friday evening on the following criteria: originality, theme, use and number of lights, additional decorations and artistic merit.

The nearly 100 entries have been grouped into seven areas to make the judging convenient. Three winners in each area in each of the categories will be announced in the Dec. 16 edition of the Deseret News.

First-place winners will receive indoor electric grills. The prizes for second-place winners are $25 gift certificates from the ZCMI Center; and third-place winners will receive two strings of outdoor lights courtesy of General Electric.

New entries:

Jay and Leah Anderson, 1232 Lavon Circle (3430 South), Salt Lake City; Chet Allen, 960 N. 660 West, West Bountiful; Chad and Renee' Badham, 553 W. 1880 South, Woods Cross; James Bekker, 3796 S. Ruth Drive (3960 South), Salt Lake City; Dennis and Elizabeth Berrett, 4335 West Argyll Circle (9980 South), South Jordan.

Kyle Blair, 180 A Street, Salt Lake City; David and Laura Brown, 861 S. 1730 East, Salt Lake City; Robert S. Brown, 12007 South Bluff View Drive (1340 East), Sandy; Sanford Buhler, 356 E. 4020 South, Salt Lake City; Sam Burgess, 2820 W. 7268 South, West Jordan; Ken and Debbie Burr, 1767 West Lawrence Circle (9585 South), South Jordan; Bob and Sheila Case, 305 E. Roosevelt Ave., 1460 South Salt Lake; John Chase, 6166 S. 520 East, Murray.

Pam Commons, 10075 S. Countrywood Dr. (1730 East) Sandy; Jim and Lucy Crookston, 1895 W. 3100 South, West Valley; Cal Crump, 95 Cyprus Street (10345 South), Copperton; the Dahlquist family, 10312 S. Vilas Dr. (2300 East), Sandy; Mr. and Mrs. Lon Davis, 4746 W. 4805 South, Kearns; the Demarco family, 263 E. 900 North, Bountiful.

DeLoy and Louise Densley, 4413 W. Cortney Drive (3100 South), West Valley; Mark Evans, 2299 W. Bonniebrook Cr. (4870 South), Taylorsville; Bob and Veline Elliott, 695 N. Percival (235 East), North Salt Lake; Louie Felice, 3316 Upland Drive (3760 South), Salt Lake City; Richard J. Fobert, 710 N. Picture Dr. (1200 West), Salt Lake City; Wayne Hansen family, 12120 S. Crestridge Circle (1260 East), Sandy; Belen M. Garcia, 1120 E. 1300 South, Salt Lake City.

Dale and JaNan Himmer, 4423 Cortney Drive (3100 South), West Valley; Barbara Howard, 324 S. Navajo (1350 West), Salt Lake City; Donald Jacobsen, 1156 W. Midvalley Circle (8970 South), West Jordan; Lee T. Jarvis, 1107 E. Michigan Ave (990 South), Salt Lake City; Ron Johnson, 1416 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City; Toney and Kayleen Johnson, 2799 W. 7500 South, West Jordan; Vanner L. Johnson, 335 N. 675 East, North Salt Lake; David Lamb, 1473 W. 4020 South, West Valley.

Byron H. Larson, 2141 S. Blair St. (340 East), Salt Lake City; Loren Lewis, 2861 S. Millet Circle (3825 West), West Valley; Ty Loyola, 2686 S. 1700 East, Salt Lake City; John Madsen, 5322 S. Lucky Clover Lane (800 West), Murray; Scott Martindale, 814 E. Harrison Ave. (1350 S. Main), Salt Lake City.

Michael Mehl, 2365 W. Harvest Lane (7320 South), West Jordan; Brent Miller, 8445 S. Harvard Park Dr. (1065 East), Sandy; Don S. Milligan, 746 W. 3500 South, Bountiful; Kenneth Miyake, 10065 S. 2165 East, Sandy; Cheryl and Allyn Orme, 1538 E. Dawn Dr. (6900 South), Salt Lake City; John Pappadokis, 2145 E. Howey Dr. (6280 South), Salt Lake City; Karl Perschon, 9903 S. Pinehurst Dr. (1660 East), Sandy.

J.F. Pokezwinski, 1076 S. 1100 West, Salt Lake City; Alfred Petrucci, 3142 S. Valley Street (3300 East), Salt Lake City; Sonasi Pouna, 914 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City; Thomas Quinley, 109 E. 525 North, North Salt Lake; Frank Rankin, 488 W. 1175 North, Centerville; Dan and Sandy Ricks, 3403 S. 400 East, Bountiful; David Rule, 5910 S. Tressler Rd. (4480 West), Kearns.

John Salmon, 555 N. 660 West, West Bountiful; Tom Schmidt, 4719 S. Holly Lane (2070 East), Salt Lake City; Joey Scott, 6112 S. Clara Dr. (2420 West), Bennion; Craig Sedgwick, 1600 S. 1100 West, Syracuse; Dallas Stradley, 13631 S. 1700 West, Riverton; Bob and Tammy Smuin, 4905 W. 3285 South, West Valley; Ronald Snarr, 1353 E. Ramona Ave. (1940 South), Salt Lake City; David and Ann Stauffer, 3540 W. 8245 South, West Jordan; Vine Gate Apartments, 6152 S. Vine Hill Lane (1300 East), Salt Lake City; Ned Winder, 4400 W. 4100 South, West Valley; Ian Wood, 3111 W. Mark Ave. (3380 South), West Valley.

Previous years' entries:

Donald Allen, 7148 S. 2985 East, Salt Lake City; Avelino and Shirley Bacca, 1209 N. Carousel (1525 West), Salt Lake City; Verl Burt Family, 4081 S. Hillview Dr. (1050 E. 4100 South), Salt Lake City; Jane Butterfield, 4161 W. 13400 South, Riverton; Cale Cotten, 1327 N. Carousel Dr. (1525 West), Salt Lake City; Eric Crookston family, 2424 W. 7320 South, West Jordan.

Howard F. Ellis, 2252 W. 7470 South, West Jordan; Harold Goodro, 2350 E. Murray Holladay Rd. (4800 South), Salt Lake City; Ken Keown, 11230 S. 600 West., South Jordan; Dale Knapton, 3383 S. Cheerful Vista (5225 West), West Valley; Wendy and Darrell Lamb, 3065 W. 8375 South, West Jordan; David Ledbetter, 5987 S. Milstead Lane (5060 West), Kearns.

Ramona Lindsay, 1072 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meador, 5490 S. Brister Circle (1100 West), Murray; Nancy Van der Meide, 3848 W. 8750 South, West Jordan; Larry Milligan, 5673 S. Dynasty Oaks Cr. (3160 West), Salt Lake City; Dennis and Cindy Nagel, 5464 W. Bailiff Dr. (5160 South), Kearns; Carolyn Nelson, 2627 E. Sherwood Dr. (1340 South), Salt Lake City; Douglas A. Nelson, 3061 S. Canyon View Circle (2800 East), Salt Lake City; Mary McMillan, 2570 W. 2680 South, West Valley; Edward Price, 8552 S. Saddler Dr. (3860 West), West Jordan.

William Schorr, 7400 S. 3200 West., West Jordan; Simpen family, 4788 S. Hidden Cove (1080 West), Taylorsville; Beth Ann and Alan Skougard, 4487 W. 3100 South, West Valley; Michael Sorenson, 694 N. 660 West, West Bountiful; Richard and Cindy Stanley, 3925 W. 3240 South, West Valley; Steven and Angie Webb, 5712 S. Topowa Dr. (90 West), Murray; Mr. and Mrs. Jean West, 9902 S. Antemony Lane (1000 East), Sandy; Larry Wood family, 3994 S. 3750 West, West Valley.


Bacca neighborhood, 1209 N. Carousel (1525 W. 1205 North), Salt Lake City.