How many pulleys, levers, cups of water, inclined planes, screws and wedges does it take to move 12 clothespins one foot?

The answer, as people attending the Creative Pursuit Bowl on Friday can attest, varies.Twenty-two teams, representing schools in the Jordan, Salt Lake, Granite and Murray districts, competed at Highland Elementary School to see who had built the most efficient mass transit vehicle capable of propelling itself and 12 clothespins at least one foot.

They accompanied their presentations with skits, songs and dances depicting the need for people to find pollution-free ways of getting around.

In the end, judges picked two teams from Parkside Elementary and one team each from Cottonwood Heights, Sunrise and Upland Terrace elementary schools as winners of the most creative models. Teams from Parkside, Silver Hills, Jackson and Upland Terrace won for the best presentations.