Phillip, born in March 1981, is a bright fourth-grader who loves school. He has above-average intelligence and is very curious about how things work. He particularly likes riding bikes and playing football with the children in his neighborhood.

A past of neglect and several different foster-care placements have resulted in some behavior problems in Phillip. Although he does quite well in school and gets along fairly well with other children, he needs to be in control and manipulates others to get what he wants. Phillip is often jealous of younger children. He is described as "polite," but he maintains a safe emotional distance from adults.Material things and the latest fashions are important to Phillip. When he can't have what he wants, he is apt to pout or use quiet, sneaky ways to show his anger. He can also be somewhat destructive of his own toys, but some of that may be genuine curiosity about how they work.

Phillip needs an experienced, non-drinking family to help him learn how to trust and relate better to others. Being intellectually challenged and involved in activities will be important. He might do best as the youngest child in a two-parent family. Financial assistance is available.