Morris J. Robins has been named the first J. Rex Goates Professor of Chemistry at Brigham Young University.

He was selected by BYU officers, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the department of chemistry. The five-year appointment provides a salary supplement and annual research support for Robins, a chemistry professor at BYU since 1987.The professorship is in honor of J. Rex Goates, professor emeritus of chemistry and former dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He has been a member of the chemistry faculty at BYU since 1947.

Robins received his bachelor's degree from the University of Utah in 1961 and doctorate from Arizona State University in 1965.

He has developed several anti-cancer and anti-viral agents. He synthesized 2-chloro-2'-deoxyadenosine (CldAdo), now used to treat B-cell leukemia, and 2',3'-dideoxyadenosine (ddAdo), which has been used to treat patients with AIDS.

At BYU, Robins directs the work of an international team of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists. He also has an appointment as adjunct professor of medical microbiology and infectious diseases with the faculty of medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.