A group of fundamentalist Christians is taking a Moscow card shop to task with a boycott, petitions and complaints to police about the sale of greeting cards and other material the group calls obscene.

But owners of the Card Farm shop in the Palouse Empire Mall say charges that their products lead to moral decay are ridiculous."We seem to have run into a little sect down there that is very conservative and very off-the-wall," said Goss, who lives in Spokane, Wash. "We've got absolutely nothing that is obscene or pornographic for sale."

Heidi Scheibe of Moscow filed a written complaint with local police, saying three cards and a book sold at the Card Farm violate state obscenity laws. She contends the cards and book will lead to casual sex by the young, debauchery by adults and an increase in broken marriages, single mothers and abortions.

But Card Farm co-owner Jan Goss said her products are popular and common, and that Scheibe's actions are smearing her name and infringing on her rights and those of her customers.

Moscow City Attorney Will Herrington said his office was investigating and a decision will be made sometime next week whether any action is necessary.