Eight patents were awarded to Utah inventors for inventions in medical, chemical and electronic subjects.

William D. Wallace, Salt Lake City, and Christopher A. Cutler, Centerville. Apparatus for continuously measuring fluid pressures within a body cavity. Assigned to Utah Medical Products, Midvale. Filed March 31, 1989. Patent 4,966,161.Della L. Russell, Ogden. Hairpiece for compensation of hair loss. Filed Aug. 30, 1989. Patent 4,966,173.

Charles Y. Warner and Charles E. Strother, both of Orem; Donald E. Struble, Phoenix; and Milton G. Wille, Provo. Inflatable structures for side impact crash protection. Assigned to Collision Safety Engineering Inc., Orem. Filed May 25, 1989. Patent 4,966,388.

James V. Hodson, Fruit Heights. Apparatus for use in applying a thin resinous coating to existing surfaces. Filed Nov. 13, 1989. Patent 4,966,490.

James R. Waltonen, Salt Lake City. Fluid energizing method and apparatus. Assigned to Waltonen Laboratories, Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 24, 1986. Patent 4,966,666.

Richard A.J. Lewis, Logan, and Donald C. Forbush, Bountiful. Sulfur dioxide generator. Filed March 22, 1989, a continuation of applications Dec. 8, 1987, and Dec. 9, 1986. Patent 4,966,757.

James V. Hodson, Fruit Heights. Epoxy resin binder compositions and cured products obtained therefrom. Filed July 3, 1989, a continuation of applications Feb. 1, 1988, and Sept. 10, 1986. Patent 4,966,927.

B. Chuck Sorensen, Salt Lake City, and Craig A. Devroy, Wauwatosa, Wis. Method and apparatus for controlling a storage and retrieval machine. Assigned to Harnischfeger Engineers Inc., Brookfield, Wis. Filed Oct. 19, 1989. Patent 4,967,130.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.