Questar Pipeline Co., the interstate pipeline subsidiary of Questar Corp., parent company of Mountain Fuel Supply Co., has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for authorization to extend its natural gas transportation programs to all interested parties.

Questar Pipeline has provided "open-access" transportation service to intrastate pipelines and local distribution companies since July 1986 under Section 311 of the Natural Gas Policy Act. The company's filing expands its open-access program to other parties, such as interstate pipelines, and enables them to transport gas on Questar Pipeline's system without prior FERC approval.In its application, Questar Pipeline requests expedited issuance of a blanket certificate to make open-access service "more readily available to more parties with fewer regulatory impediments."

"Transportation has become an increasingly important part of the pipeline business in response to dramatic changes in federal regulation in recent years," said A.J. Marushack, president of the pipeline company.

He noted that the FERC has issued a series of orders designed to increase competition in the pipeline industry and encourage pipelines to provide access to third-party transporters.

"Interstate pipelines are moving beyond their traditional `merchant' role - in which they purchase and resell the majority of their gas supplies - and becoming primarily transporters of gas owned by others," he said. "Approximately 62 percent of Questar Pipeline's total throughput in 1987 was for transportation compared with 48 percent four years earlier," said Marushack.

"We are anxious to broaden our transportation program to take advantage of growing demand for such services," he said.