A husband, wife and son affiliated with a real estate company in Parowan have agreed to sanctions against their licenses to settle charges of violating state real estate law, the Division of Real Estate said.

The division accuses Leland Page, principal broker of the former Creico real estate, of failing to supervise his agents, Garn and Rose Page, who are also Leland Page's parents.Petitions filed against the Pages allege Garn and Rose managed rental property through a company that was not licensed with the state and was independent of their principal broker, the division said. They also failed to deposit collected money into Creico's trust account.

Some of the owners of the units were not paid money due them, the division said, and some of the guests received double billings or didn't receive refunds due them.

The Pages neither admit nor deny allegations against them but stipulated to sanctions against their licenses to avoid further proceedings by the division, the division said.

A statement from the division detailed the action taken:

- Rose Page agreed to have her license revoked and not to renew it for at least three years.

- Garn Page consented to a three-month suspension of his license followed by two years probation.

- Leland Page agreed not to renew his license for at least six months.