A Sunset man who pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted sexual abuse of a child was sentenced Tuesday one year in the Davis County Jail.

Vernon M. Personett, 29, of 1938 N. 75 West, pleaded guilty to two third-degree felony charges of attempted sexual abuse of a child involving a 9- and a 6-year-old girl last summer and early this year.Judge Douglas L Cornaby first sentenced Personett to two concurrent zero-to-five-year prison terms, then stayed the prison time and ordered Personett to spend a year in the county jail and fined him $1,000.

The judge also ordered Personett to participate in a sexual therapy program to be arranged by Adult Probation and Parole officers and to pay any counseling costs his victims may incur.

Cornaby warned Personett the pre-sentence report prepared on him says he has dodged the responsibility for his actions, creating a number of alibis for what he did. Unless he admits the responsibility, the judge warned, the treatment program won't work and Personett will face prison instead.