Utah County officials are close to making a deal with the state for the rights to property behind the Thistle landslide for construction of a debris basin.

County commissioners reviewed a proposed agreement Wednesday calling for transfer of the state-owned property to the county. The state would also provide matching funds of $180,000 for the project from the Disaster Relief Board.The agreement states that the county can use the basin for flood-control purposes only and that it must receive permission before using the basin for water storage. The county shall assume all liability that may result from construction of the basin and its operation.

However, commissioners said the agreement did not state that the county has no liability for anything other than the basin. They said the county is not responsible for the slide and the drain tunnel running through the slide. They asked Clyde Naylor, county engineer, to add wording to the agreement that clarifies the county's responsibilities.

The commissioners instructed Naylor to present the amended agreement to state officials for their approval.

If the state approves the amended agreement then the Commission is expected to give final approval next week.

The county earlier swapped the old Thistle schoolhouse property for a piece of land to be used for the basin. Naylor said the county has one more piece of property it must obtain before moving ahead on the project.