Scotland's Aztec Camera, featuring Boy Wonder Roddy Frame, will return to Salt Lake City on Wednesday at the Fairpark Horticulture Building. Tickets are $12.50 in advance.

The show will feature selections from the band's newest album, "Stray," a follow-up to 1988's "Love," which earned them a wider audience. Still, it's safe to say Aztec Camera is not a household word (in fact, the band is a sure winner in any competition for Most Nonsensical Name), but "Stray," with its hit single, "The Crying Scene," could be the group's breakthrough album.In fact, the new album, which features nine new Frame concoctions, contains some of the freshest and most energetic sounds on alternative radio these days. It is a thoroughly accessible pop that nonetheless manages, somehow, to avoid the sort of banality that permeates Top 40 lists.

Frame first assembled Aztec Camera in 1980 while he was still a student in East Kilbridge, and within a year the group signed an album contract and released a couple of well-received singles.

In 1982, the band released its debut album, "Highland, Hard Rain." A tour followed, in which the band opened for Elvis Costello. Tours of Europe and Japan followed the the release of a second album, "Knife," which featured the hit single "All I Need Is Everything."

Frame spent most of 1989 writing the material for "Stray," which was recorded in Wales and London with the help of co-producer Eric Calvi, bassist Paul Powell, drummer Frank Tontoh and keyboardist Gary Sanctuary.