A 30-year-old Corsican was charged Friday in connection with the 1985 theft of nine impressionist masterpieces from a Paris museum.

The works, including Claude Monet's "Impression Sunrise," which gave the movement its name, were stolen Oct. 27, 1985, from the Marmottan Museum.During the theft, five masked gunmen held about 40 visitors and guards at bay while making off with four Monets, two Renoirs and three other works. The stolen works were recovered by police this week.

The suspect, Pierre Comiti, was arrested in Corsica and flown to Paris, where he was charged Friday with receiving goods stolen in an armed robbery.

Police questioned Comiti after finding photographs of the stolen paintings at his home in Corsica, a French-controlled Mediterranean island. He reportedly led investigators to an unoccupied villa where the paintings were being kept.

The combined value of the stolen works was estimated at $20 million.