As if life in the big city wasn't tough enough, neighbors living near a Manhattan skyscraper say a high-pitched whistle coming from it is driving them crazy.

"I've been all over the street trying to follow the noise," said Anthony Mazzola, who lives about a block away from the 72-story Cityspire. "You think you're in a loony bin. You can't get away from it."Department of Environmental Protection inspectors blamed the noise on wind blowing over louvers on the midtown building's green, eight-sided dome, which is about 800 feet above the ground.

At its worst, the whistle can be heard 10 blocks away, although its intensity depends on wind conditions, said Jerome Ross, an environmental protection enforcement officer.

The building's developer, Ian Bruce Eichner, has been issued a summons for allegedly violating noise regulations, Ross said.

If found guilty, Eichner would have to mute the whistling and pay a fine of up to $880, Ross said.