White House chief of staff John Sununu has all but said that President Bush would seek re-election in 1992 with Vice President Dan Quayle on the ticket.

"If you had a lot of money to bet, in my opinion, it could be a very good bet that the president and vice president will be running as a strong team," said the combative senior official in an interview Thursday with United Press International.Although Bush has not announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for another four-year term, the president doused speculation last year that he would dump Quayle, saying the vice president would be on the GOP ticket.

Sununu said aides are researching President Ronald Reagan's re-election timetable and the pre-campaign moves of other GOP chief executives. "He will announce at the appropriate time," Sununu said.

Reagan formally announced his intention to seek a second term roughly 10 months before the November 1984 election in which he trounced Vice President Walter Mondale.