The office of Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah - a hawkish member of the House Armed Services Committee - has come up with a new form of holiday decoration that would give Saddam Hussein a blast.

"Instead of mistletoe, it's a TOW missile," said Rick Guldan, Hansen's press secretary.A picture of the TOW - an acronym for Tactical, Optical-controlled, Wire-guided missile - hangs over the hall doorway, and points toward the office's Christmas tree.

The tree is covered with pictures of Saddam Hussein that have a circle and slash painted across his face, meaning "No Saddams." The office apparently wishes no kisses with Saddam, although it might not mind seeing him beneath a TOW missile.

All that actually fits in well with the decor of Hansen's office - which has the seal of all the armed services on the wall, and has models of various military airplanes and weapons scattered throughout the suite.