More than 200 stores statewide have responded to a Citizens' Council on Alcoholic Beverage Control survey on sales of alcoholic beverages to minors.

Council members were told at their Wednesday meeting that they will learn the results of the survey, mailed to some 730 grocery and convenience stores throughout Utah, at their September meeting.Council member Gail Judd had suggested the survey last fall to find out how easy it is for minors to buy alcoholic beverages. The survey was designed with the help of the Utah State Office of Education.

The results will be examined by those groups and the state PTA to better understand underage drinking problems, as well as whether laws regulating the sale of alcohol to minors are being followed.

The survey asks store managers how often minors attempt to buy beer and alcoholic coolers; whether employees have ever sold such beverages to minors; and in what quantity they are purchased.