The courtroom stink over Elizabeth Taylor's Passion perfume evaporated when the legendary actress reached an agreement with her former boyfriend.

Taylor retains control of the Passion perfume line, which has earned $70 million, under an agreement announced Thursday.Her ex-boyfriend Henry Wynberg will drop a suit against the actress in which he claimed he developed the fragrance, and Taylor will drop a countersuit against him.

"It means I'm vindicated and it proves the perfume, Passion, is something I worked a year and a half for," Miss Taylor said after Superior Court Judge Coleman Swart announced the settlement.

Both sides will pay their own legal fees and no money will change hands, said Taylor's attorney, Neil Papiano.

Swart said the settlement was made "with prejudice," meaning neither Wynberg or Taylor can raise the issue again.

Wynberg and his attorney, Quentin Kopp, refused to confirm that Wynberg won't get any money. In his lawsuit, he asked for nearly three-quarters of Passion's profits.

The settlement was reached during jury selection for a trial that had promised to be embarrassing to both sides.

Attorneys for Wynberg, a former used car salesman who was Taylor's boyfriend between her two marriages to actor Richard Burton in the 1970s, said they would bring up the actress' highly publicized bouts with alcohol and obesity.

Taylor's attorneys said they would bring up Wynberg's guilty pleas to charges of statutory rape, providing underage girls with drugs in return for sex and taking pornographic photos of young girls.

Taylor acknowledged she was glad to avoid the trial.

"It's not something I was looking forward to, but I was willing to fight as long as I had to," she said.

Jury selection was highlighted Thursday by a prospective juror's statement that he had seen most of Taylor's silent films.

Taylor, 58, wasn't born until after the silent movie era ended.