The State Industrial Commission has delayed an attempt to standardize the form "Employers First Report of Injury," mainly because several people want things added that would considerably increase it from a one-page, two-sided document.

Commission Chairman Stephen M. Hadley said the commission will reconsider the form during the January meeting after he and Commissioners Thomas Carlson and Dixie Minson consider comments made during the commission's recent open meeting.According to Joyce Sewell, director of the commission's Industrial Accidents Division, the consolidated form is being proposed so that information can be gathered for workers' compensation and Occupational Safety and Health Act purposes.

She said the form is endorsed by the International Association of Workers' Compensation Boards and Commissions and already it has been adopted in 15 states. The objective is to have a common form used in all 50 states.

One side of the form has spaces provided for information on the company, the employee, the insurance carrier, wages and facts surrounding the injury. On the reverse side there is information for employers and employees on the necessity of properly filling out the form.

Several people at the meeting said more should be added to the form to make certain employees are informed about their rights and responsibilities in the event they are injured.

A spokesman for Thiokol Corp. said his company posts notices on bulletin boards telling employees who to contact if they have questions about workers' compensation. "We encourage people to contact the commission," he said.