Chaining pinyon juniper - a subject that has generated a great deal of controversy over the past year - will be the topic of discussion Monday, Dec. 10, at the annual meeting of the Utah Chapter of the Soil & Water Conservation Society.

The group will meet at 10 a.m. at the Utah Department of Agriculture headquarters, 350 N. Redwood Road, and a panel discussion entitled "A Balanced View of Pinyon Juniper Chaining" will start at 1 p.m.Panel moderator will be state conservationist Frank Holt of the Soil Conservation Service.

Participants will be George Cook, area range conservationist at the Price Field Office of the Soil Conservation Service; Darrell Johnson, a Rush Valley rancher; R. Lanner, professor of forestry at Utah State University; Vaughan Lovejoy, an environmental activist; Richard Stevens, a research biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; and Ken Boyer, state range program leader with the Bureau of Land Management.

The public is invited to hear the panel discussion and questions will be taken from the audience.