This city has been awarded a $42,832 grant from the state Community Impact Board to upgrade the recreation complex it shares with Manti High School.

The money will be used to install additional lighting at the tennis courts and softball fields, improve the parking grounds, landscaping and buy equipment, Jim Braithwaite, city recreation chairman, said.One of the four softball fields now has lighting and lights will now be installed at a second one, Braithwaite said. And three of the six tennis courts will also get lighting.

The improvements will enable the city's recreation department to expand its summer program, Braithwaite said. It is already a facility that attracts teams from all over the state, he said.

This summer, he said, 48 girls' teams competed in a softball tournament, 24 men's teams in a softball tournament and several schools in a state high school tennis tournament.

"The summer program brought at least around 2,000 athletes to Manti this year," Braithwaite said.