The state has come up with a plan to send the Mormon Meteor to St. George to be restored by relatives of Ab Jenkins, who set speed records in the race car on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

"The family's happy. We're happy," said Jack Quintana, assistant director of facilities and management for the state. "Basically, we're on track."The Jenkins family has sought the return of the car, which for years has been displayed in the Capitol, contending the state has not met an agreement made with Jenkins in 1943.

Jenkins sold the famed vehicle to the state for $1 with the understanding that the Meteor would be properly displayed or returned to the family. Questions about the car's condition arose during the remodeling of the Capitol.

After meeting with the Jenkins family, state officials outlined a preliminary agreement to Gov. Norm Bangerter Wednesday that calls for a trustee to take over the care of the car.

Under the terms of the agreement, which has not been finalized, the state would transport the car to Dixie College in St. George, where the Jenkins family could overhaul it.

The total cost of repairing the car should be about $20,000, including transporting to and from southern Utah and legal costs, Quintana said.

Approximately $20,000 more would be used to pay for an independent trustee. How much of that cost would be paid for by the state is yet to be decided, Quintana said.

The trustee would mediate any future disputes over the condition of the car, which will end up either in the state museum in the old Rio Grande Railroad depot or back in the Capitol.