A nursery school worker found a loaded pistol in a 3-year-old boy's coat pocket, and police said he was the youngest child they have encountered carrying a gun.

Police arrested Lloyd Flowers, 27, the superintendent of the apartment building where the child lives, saying the child apparently found the gun on the seat of the man's car as he drove the boy to school.Isolyn Hong, a child-care worker at College Community Childcare Center, said he noticed what appeared to be the butt of a gun sticking out of the boy's coat Wednesday.

She found it was a .25-caliber automatic with a bullet in the chamber and five other rounds in a six-bullet clip.

Flowers was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and possession of a dangerous weapon.

"He apparently drove the kid to school and the kid said he picked the gun up off the front seat of the car," police officer Scott Bloch said.

Although there have been reports of children under 10 bringing guns to school, police said they knew of no case in which a 3-year-old was carrying a pistol.