HawkWatch, the non-profit raptor foundation, is offering members of the public to "adopt" birds it captures and bands, from hawks to eagles, at prices ranging from $25 to $300.

When the raptor is captured, banded and released to wild, the sponsor gets an official adoption certificate about the bird's species, weight, sex, age and band number, along with a color photo. The sponsor will receive periodic updates on the bird's activities, if known, and the whereabouts of the species.Adopt A Hawk also gives the "adopter" a year's membership in HawkWatch International and a subscription to its quarterly magazine, Raptor Watch. The cost for adoption ranges from the low of $25 for a common species like a sharp-shinned hawk, to $300 for a bald eagle.

Stephen Hoffman, president of HawkWatch, said that for the common types, only one adoption is given per bird. But for some, like the bald eagle - of which HawkWatch has banded only one in 10 years - there may be multiple adoptions of the same bird.

To adopt a hawk, call toll-free, (800) 726-HAWK.